20 December 2022

SimSol joins the Alliance for Rural Electrification association. 

30 September 2022

SimSol built the first state of art solar water desalination plant in Mozambique. 

SimSol Mozambique News

25 April 2022

SimSol Joint Venture Company has been incorporated under Mozambican law with NUIT number (401411879)

SimSol Mozambique News

6 March 2022

SimSol trade mark registered!

SimSol Mozambique News

20 May 2021

As part of market research, SimSol team install the first residential solar demonstration facility near Ponta do Ouro. The hybrid system produces up to 26kWh of clean energy per day enabling to save up to 100% on the electricity bill and avoid any power cuts. Contact us to schedule a visit and learn more.