Productive Use

SimSol Water desalination

Water desalination and purification 

In light of the need for drinking water in Mozambique, we’ve established partnerships with several suppliers of state-of-art water purification and desalination technologies. 

The system (100%) runs on solar energy, enabling installation in any location. Thanks to its modular design, the water plant can be adapted to demand and produce from 10,000 to 100,000 liters of drinking water per each day during the period of 15 years. 


Solar refrigeration

Preservation of products is a great necessity as well as opportunity for farmers and agricultural establishments in Mozambique. SimSol designs, procures, builds and installs cold storage applications, i.e. fish, dairy and meat products, fruits and vegetables, beverage and other consumer goods. Each system comes with high quality components and can be fit into existing buildings, installed into shipping containers or newly constructed building. The temperature can be set in range of -18 +20°C with lifetime of 15-20 years.